for Alabama State Board of Education

Adam on the Issues Confronting Education in Alabama

Let Teachers Teach. Let Students Learn.

We can only have the best schools when we hire the best teachers and give them the tools to succeed. Let’s give our professionals the power to set curriculum and teach how they want to.

Put the public back into public schools.

Our schools should be the backbone of our communities, and they should be run by our communities, not by a single administrator in Montgomery that parents will never get to meet.

The schools don’t belong to the superintendent—they belong to us.

Decrease Standardized Tests

Alabama can lead the way in reducing our reliance on standardized tests as a way to judge school performance. Teaching to the test doesn’t help our students succeed; it just fills the pockets of expensive test-prep professionals. At the State Board, I’ll cut back our testing and increase our teaching.

Invest in Vocational Education

If Alabama is going to be a national leader in business and technology, we need schools to train a generation of working citizens. Training in the trades is the only way to ensure that Alabama can attract and maintain a strong economy and meet the needs of our people. A twenty-first century economy must have strong, profitable careers in trades, and that starts in our schools.

Smaller Classes

Students succeed when we reduce class size across the board. I’ll make smaller classes a priority.

Securing Our Schools

Alabama needs to improve our mental health and counseling resources, and practice and implement drills and regulations already in place. We can make our schools safe without sacrificing our Second Amendment freedoms!