for Alabama State Board of Education

About Adam

Alabama Educator.

Award-winning historian.

Father of Two.

Candidate for the Alabama State Board of Education.

Adam Jortner comes from a family of teachers, and he knows that teaching is one of the hardest and most important jobs, because teachers serve the future of our country.

Adam has been teaching history at Auburn University for the better part of a decade. He’s taught classes on the history of the U.S., Christianity, and Thomas Jefferson. He has published two books on religious liberty.

Before coming to Alabama, Adam worked with national educational companies, including Scholastic and Kaplan.

He was also part of the writing team for the TV show Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? 

He lives in Auburn with his wife, Emily, and their two sons, Charlie and Sam.

Why I'm Running

"There comes a time when every citizen needs to stand up and be counted. That time is now.

Our current system benefits big companies and Montgomery bureaucrats--not our kids. Our schools are hurting. Our rural communities are hurting. It’s time to stand up and do something different. It’s time for big changes, not small fixes.

My sons will start kindergarten in the next two years. I really believe that by the time they graduate high school, Alabama can have the best schools in the country."


Adam on the Issues:

Learn more about Adam's position on current issues in education in Alabama.